Youtube personality, podcaster and author of the books Free Agent Lifestyle and DeEvolution, Coach Greg Adams is an entrepreneur, risk taker, hustler and motivator. CGA has never feared challenges in his personal life or in business.

Having survived living in his car and having major career setbacks, he has bounced back to become an award winning public speaker with Toastmasters International. He previously worked as a college basketball coach for more than 16 years, a certified strength coach and a real estate agent.


Enjoy 20+ hours of EXCLUSIVE content related to everything that your Father should have told you about life, women & relationships, finances, health and priorities are here in my Teachable course. 

These are not a strategies and tactics to improve your quantity of women, it is guidance and advice related to where men should put there focus to improve the quality of their life. 


Most men today grow up without a father and don't see a male figure in their life until junior high school. The 10 Building Blocks are a way for men to organize and prioritize their life in order to set himself apart from the men who lack masculine qualities. This is game-changing information!

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